Ground Up Construction Funding - NO Presales Requirement

Excited to announce our new platform for Ground Up Construction Projects in all 48 states.  Call us NOW at 786-440-8189 and let us get your projects FUNDED!

Belaire Private Capital – Ground Up Construction Platform
80% to 85% LTC
4.99% - 6.99% Fixed Rate
Construction to Perm - All in ONE Loan
15 Years Term Loan
$20m Project Minimum
Up to 20 months construction period (can be extended)

* Quarterly Draws *
Interest Only during construction phase
Full Amortizing after construction

No Pre-sales Requirement
No Prepayment Penalty
Non Recourse

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What makes this Family Office Funding Platform different from bank or hedge funding?
A: That unlike traditional banks or hedge funds, our funding platform is backed by one of the nation’s deepest pocket family offices,
we understand and allow clients to roll in all commissions, soft development costs,
closing costs, interest payments and all other miscellaneous costs into the loan.
We will fund 100% of the project cost and client’s 20% cash down payment will be released to us only AFTER we have funded the entire loan and construction is complete.

Q: Do you require appraisal?

              A: NO appraisal required – investor will perform internal BPO to substantiate proforma value supplied by client, and funding is based on project costs from 80% to 85% LTC
(depending on project and developer strength.)

Q: Any upfront fees?

              A:  NO upfront fees – no due diligence or commitment fees; as a matter of fact, ALL LENDER FEES like underwriting and processing fees are rolled into the loan and
PAID ONLY UPON FINAL DRAW when project construction has been completed.
This way, client can roll all costs into the loan without having to pay interest on any lender fees.

Q: Will we be paying interest on interest?
A: Absolutely not.  There will be INTEREST FREE MONTHS – depending on the amount of cash collateral (equity).
Clients will not be charged any interests on draws
until the equivalence of the cash collateral is reached.
If equity is $2.5m cash collateral, the first $2.5m construction draw will be interest free.

Have more questions? Please contact us anytime …

Belinda Fong
Belaire Private Capital, LLC
Direct: 786-440-8189


  1. Executive Summary - include sales / rental comps.
  2. Project Cost Breakdown - include land acquisition, interest payments, closing costs, fees, soft & hard construction costs, draw schedule.
  3. Proforma - 3 to 5 years and include exit strategy.
  4. Developer Biography.
  5. Rendering & Site Plans.
** Email submission package to