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Belaire Private Capial offers funding platforms for all 48 States. Clients are small to mid market developers, builders, investors and commercial property owners. Our Private Funding Programs are impeccably written to facilitate your success. We offer:
  • Non Institutional Private Capital for development and construction projects.
  • Hedge Funds acquisition money for income producing multifamily developments and apartment buildings.
  • REITs for income producing commercial properties.
  • Home Builders Fund for single family and 1-4 units builders.
  • Mezzanine and Bridge Loans.
  • Equity Recapture / Refinance
  • Specialize in cross collateralization in lieu of equity.
  • Private Equity backed by real estate collateral.
  • JV Partnership for international developments.

We are not an institutional bank and do not utilize traditional banking guidelines. Most of our funds and investors apply common sense to the approval process and are relationship based.

Rates and Terms are based per case, according to the overall performance of the property, as well as the historic track record and strength of the client. Our goal is to cultivate a long term relationship with all our clients, and our target is to attain collective success.

We do NOT offer Hard Money Loans and do NOT charge upfront fees, in fact we do not recommend those at all.

If you are seeking funding for your development / construction projects, need acquisition money to purchase a commercial property, contemplating renovations and rehabilitation of properties, or simply need to extract some equity in your properties to facilitate other projects ... Call us now and let's get your project started.

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