Foreign National Requirements


o      Resume on all Parties with 20% or more in vested interest into subject property development

o      Two Original Bank Reference Letters from Country of Origin (see example)

o      Original Accountants Letter (see example)

o      Two Original Credit Reference Letters

o      Copy of valid Visa and Passport

o      Copy of Social Security Card (if applicable)


Sample Bank Reference Letter
(Prepared on Bank Stationary)


RE: (Customer’s Name & Customer’s Account Number

To whom it many concern,

At the request of  (Customer’s Name)  we are pleased to inform you that he/she has been a most valued customer of our bank since (Date)

(Customer’s Name) presently maintains a total deposit relationship of  $___________________ for at least three months.  He/she has conducted his/her affairs with us in a very satisfactory manner.  At a personal level, we feel he/she is of good moral character.  Therefore, that he/she would comply dutifully with any financial obligation incurred with your institution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.


((Banker signature))


Bankers Name
Title of Banker


Sample Accountant’s Letter
(Prepared on Accountant’s Stationary)

RE: (Customer’s Name)

To whom it many concern,

Please be advised that this accounting firm has known (Customer’s Name) as a/an (Occupation) for___ years.  His/her annual gross taxable income is in excess of $(amount in US Dollars)
for the last two years. 

If I can be of further assistance please feel free to call.


(( Accountant signature ))
Accountant’s Name