New Construction Funding Checklist

Name of Project:
Project Address:
Project Website:
Type of Project:
Total Amount of Project:
Primary Principal:
Home Address:
Home Number:
Work Number:
Cell Number:


The Project Overview:
  1.  Executive Summary.
  2.  Contracts or LOI’s evidencing revenue, market demand and availability of  raw materials.
  3.  Exhibits relating to relevant nearby residential, commercial and industrial development,  existing and proposed.
  4.  Cash Flow Analysis with Investment rate of return (5 to 10 years as appropriate)
  5.  Construction Budget, schedule of use of funds, anticipated draw schedule

The Developer:
  1.  Company profile, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Organizational chart
  2.  Management team profile and individual resumes of principal officers
  3.  Breakdown of number of shares of Principal Officers
  4.  3 years income tax returns and financial statements of the company and each of the guarantors  and estimated credit score.

The Property:
  1.  Property Profile: Plot maps, color photos, parcel ids etc
  2.  Land Survey Reports
  3.  MAI Appraisal
  4.  Feasibility Study
  5.  Copy of all contractual agreements and concessions
  6.  Conceptual drawings, designs and plans of project
  7.  Utility “will serve” letters or engineer’s letter of availability
  8.  Architectural drawings, designs, plans and multi-media presentation of project
  9.  Approvals, permits, licenses and entitlements, certifications from all governing agencies and  community group
  10.  For unimproved and unapproved property – engineer or planner’s letter addressing zoning,  entitlements, time and cost of obtaining approvals