Term Sheet Request for Construction Loans

  1. Property location/address:  (physical address or legal)
  2. Property description:  (how many acres and zoning/approval)
  3. Intended Use:  (intended construction - multifamily / apartment / office / retail ?)
  4. Project description:  how many buildings/ units/ phases
  5. Status of approval:  raw land / % of completed entitlement / est date of final permit

  1. Land value:  The AS IS market value
  2. Acquisition date:  if already owned - original purchase date, or need to include in closing
  3. Acquisition cost:  if already owned, original purchase price, or price under contract
  4. Soft cost: pre-development and construction phase, legal & professional, closing costs, commissions
  5. Hard cost: include minimum 6% contingency.
*** Total Project cost:  total sum of items 1 to 5 above

  1. Total cash injection to date:  soft and hard costs
  2. Total available as equity:  POF will be required

Please email above information to (click on this link) BELAIRE PRIVATE CAPITAL and Term Sheet will be issued typically within 2 business days.

Belaire Private Capital
Direct: 786-440-8189