Commercial Financing Checklist

Documents Checklist for Commercial Properties:


A.)    YTD P&L including Balance Sheet
B.)    Previous (2) two years ending P & L including Balance Sheets
C.)    Previous (2) two years Corporate Tax Returns including K-1s

II.)                PROPERTY:

A.)    Copy of Hud Settlement Statement
B.)   Current Photos
C.)    Previous Appraisal (if any) - BPO
D.)    Survey
E.)    Mortgage Statement
F.)     Property Tax Statement
G.)    Copy of Lease (if applicable)
H.)    Rent Roll (if applicable)

III.)             BORROWER PERSONAL: (All shareholders with more than 20% vested)

A.)    Resumes of all Principals with 20% or more interest
B.)    YTD signed Personal Financial Statement
C.)    Previous (2) two years Personal Tax Returns