100% Build-To-Suit Franchise Construction Funding

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Belaire Private Capital
100% Build-To-Suit Construction Finance Program

100% Build-To-Suit Franchise Construction Nationwide

Single Triple Net Tenant Build-to-Suit Lending Fund
Belaire Private Capital offers 100% of total development costs for developers constructing single-tenant retail projects that have a budget from $1 million to $10 million through a Phase-Funded Forward Purchase program.

Benefits to the Developer
Through our Developer Build-To-Suit Franchise Finance Program, there is no need for the developer to raise or contribute equity, or secure bank construction financing, because we provide up to 100% LTC construction financing.

The developer receives typical development fees and profit, as opposed to the earnings received in straight fee development deals. The developer also realizes significant costs savings by eliminating the need for a second closing saving on disposition fees, attorney fees, transfer taxes, etc. The developer’s personal liability is limited to providing performance and cost overrun guarantees.

Belaire Private Capital offers programs for all strong tenants including non-credit grade tenants and local to the area companies, including the following industries; restaurants, retail stores, automotive, medical, urgent care, banking and pharmacies.

We pride ourselves on being the most reliable, high leverage firms with certainty of execution our business partners can count on.

Construction Financing Provided For National and Local Franchises
Across All Industries - Nationwide