100% Funding For R/E Developments.

Bulletin 8.2014: Basic Requirements of 100% Financing for R/E Developments:

1) Location of the property must be RURAL and must be approved by the Government. (Example: South Beach, Beverly Hills, Manhattan would NOT be considered. Outskirts of Biloxi Mississippi, somewhere in Tennessee, north of Idaho etc may qualify)

2) Examples of 'Job Creating Projects': Walmart Superstores (if rural and not inner city), Casinos & Resorts (non tourist areas), IBM Building (not in city), Google Headquarters (in the middle of nowhere), Pharmaceutical Laboratories (south of city limits), 6 Flags Amusement Parks (mid-hill somewhere) .... Etc.  [ Examples Only ]

3) Approval takes about 6+ months, not a quick process.

4) General rule of thumb, these developments MUST be considered as job creators. (approximately 4 - 5 jobs per $1 million loaned)

Following information needed to begin the Government approval process:

1) Location details of the property: A site map, along with legal descriptions, zoning approval information of the property.
2) Proposal of project development.
2) Information on the tenant(s) / operators / business plan and the potential job creation.

Once we have obtained the approval, investor/lender will issue a term sheet with a complete list of documentations necessary to get the project funded and closed. Closing turn around time is about 6+ months. 

The more complete is the package submitted, the quicker we can get this processed. Please do not piece mail, it would only hold up and delay the process.

For more information, please contact Belinda at 786-440-8189