Fortune Investment Funds - 30 years Fixed Rate for Residential Investment Properties.

Fortune Investment Funds - The perfect financing solution for RE investors staying in for the long haul. 

We fully understand the needs of residential real estate investors who want to hold properties for long term gains and to multiply their portfolio of REO holdings.  Where short term bridge loans are not the right financing structure and not all properties qualify for bank loans, Belaire Private Capital is here to fill the gap and is excited to announce the formation of 'Fortune Investment Funds' - a 30 years fixed rate, asset based private lending platform specifically intended for residential real estate investors.

Our niche: 30 years fixed rate. Asset based. No Tax Returns/No financials requirement. Long term leases, Airb&b short term, weekly, daily rentals with no leases. Non warrantable condos accepted.

NOTE: This is NOT hard money. Rate as of today for 30 years fixed rate is as low as 4.9% for Tier 1 properties and excellent credit.

If you need funding for purchase or refinance, then let us EMPOWER you by facilitating your long term investment strategies, call us NOW and let us hear from you today. Fortune awaits,

Belaire Private Capital, LLC